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We have been advised of an incident that happened on Putney Heath on Saturday.

A lady was walking her dog in the Frying Pan area when her dog disappeared. This was unusual and she was naturally concerned. After searching for some time, she returned home in case someone had found her dog and tried to call her. This turned out to have been the case and some four hours later the man who called her eventually answered his phone. He had "rescued" her dog and demanded a £100 for the dog's return.

This report is not meant to panic anyone but to advise you to be on your guard and to make sure you keep your dog in sight at all times. The police have been advised of the incident and are investigating and our Mounted Keepers will also increase their patrols in the area.

If this has happened to you on the Commons or you have heard of this happening to anyone else, then please contact the Ranger's Office immediately on 020 8788 7655 to report the incident. You should also call Wandsworth Police on 020 8947 1212 and report the matter to them.


October 4, 2007