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The District Line, planes & more ............


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Metronet calls in the administrators

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District Line commuters will be fearing the worst as the scale of the financial mess involving London Underground and Metronet becomes clear.

You don't need a degree in economics to understand that the much vaunted Public Private Partnership deal that was meant to pay for upgrading stations, trains, track and signalling has not worked.

Whatever happens now residents can expect the scale of improvements to local stations and services to be reduced or delayed as the programme is cut back to meet the new straitened circumstances.

For many people the state of public transport is one of those great London issues that has a huge impact on their quality of life.

The same can be said of noise - whether from road traffic, inconsiderate neighbours or low-flying aircraft.

So it will be worth attending Justine Greening's meeting at St Mary's Church next Thursday to find out more about the latest bid to expand Heathrow.

If the airlines get their way there could be a non-stop, all-day rumble overhead as the airport squeezes in enough extra flights to fill up Gatwick.

I've been impressed with the new low cost shared ownership homes built by the property investment firm Assettrust at Point Pleasant.

It's a great scheme where nearly all the 72 flats have been allocated to first time buyers living or working in the borough and registered on the council's home-ownership register. For some years now Wandsworth has been unique in the way it actively markets privately built developments to ensure local people benefit. Now I'm pleased to say we have been able to help our neighbours in Hammersmith mount a similar initiative in their borough.

With house prices so high councils should be doing everything they can to help a new generation of young home buyers get started.

Lots of people have asked when they can expect to see the new public sculptures donated by Alan Thornhill put on display around the town. The good news is that the town centre manager is now seeking tenders from specialist contractors for their installation. It means work on the new one-mile trail should get under way after the summer.

Edward Lister

July 19, 2007

Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.