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Election results, Anti-social youths, Putney Hospital & the forthcoming Art Week ........


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Congratulations to Justine Greening on becoming Putney's new MP. Her campaign was built on a common sense message of effective public services and low taxes which clearly resonated with our community.

Justine's success lay in her ability to connect with both long established residents and those more recently arrived. Putney as we know is far more than a leafy residential enclave by the Thames. The area has a mix of property types and a vibrant night time economy which makes it attractive to a wide spread of people.

Local people, whatever their interests and concerns, can be assured that Justine will battle tirelessly on their behalf. I look forward to working with our new MP in the weeks and months ahead.

One of the most pressing concerns for all of us is the nagging presence of anti-social youths on our streets who even when they are not committing crimes seem to revel in the sheer intimidation their activities cause.

Action to curb the behaviour of these young people, many of whom are known to the police, will be top of the list when I meet the Borough Commander Joe Royle next week.

I'm also pressing the health authorities for action on the long running saga of Putney Hospital. This building is both an eyesore and a reminder of how slowly the NHS still moves.

Finally a quick plug for Putney Art Week which runs from 16th-22nd May. The event is a showcase for the rich and varied artistic talent within our community. Look out for displays and exhibitions at local galleries, Putney Library, The Exchange, Putney Arts Theatre and Putney School of Art & Design.

Edward Lister

Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.