The First All Saints' Music Festival Runs 12-14th June

Revd. Nick Biddle gives us an insight behind the event

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Whose idea was the Music Festival?
The idea came out of a conversation I had with a local resident who values the gift of music in the community and who wanted to endow a programme of concerts. This was a generous gift but just as importantly, it was a generous gift to the right people. All Saints' has a very rich musical life itself, and it seems a natural way for us to do something for our community.

Will this be an annual event?

This will be an annual event. At the moment it is our intention to hold on this weekend every year when there is at least an outside chance of good weather! Although we have a small amount to put towards the funding of the festival each year, most of the funding will come from local businesses and individuals who want to show how much they value our community, together with ticket sales and of course, obligatory at any Putney event, the bar! I hope that anyone who would like to sponsor an event in the future will be in touch with me.

What are you hoping the Festival will provide for the community?
The Church cares very much about all sorts of community and especially our own. We would like this festival to be a celebration of that community and of our life together. There really is something for everyone at some point over the weekend. There is nothing too highbrow or niche, and if you buy the superticket for £15 which gets you into everything you will make a huge saving and hear some really first class musicians and singers. Of course, we are including much of her home grown Putney talent, which is very important. I hope that you will want to support them!

Has it been one person's labour or great team work to get things off the ground?
To be honest it is something of a blessing that we have had two people in particular, Richard Morley and Clare Moore who have shouldered a large amount of responsibility for getting this first festival going, as well as all those who will act as stewards in church and on the bar. I really hope that the festival will generate a certain pride in our community, and that anyone who is excited by it, and what we aim to do by it, will come forward and get involved.

What ages are you hoping to attract ?
Of course we would love to see all ages. There is nothing here which is only appropriate for certain age groups. We had children most in mind when planning Peter and the Wolf for the Saturday lunchtime, which will be very much an interactive event, but I have heard lost of adults saying they are looking forward to it as well.

The success and growth of an event like this relies very much on local support. I really hope that your readers will want to support something which celebrates all that we enjoy at this end of Putney, which promotes friendship, hospitality and not a little joy!

So there you have it take advantage of this great opportunity to hear some fabulous music right here on your doorstep - the weather can't be guaranteed but the music will be splendid! Take a look at the programme.


June 5, 2009