Mr Benn Goes Gardening

Festive Road is brought back to life in West Putney

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In the West Putney street which Mr Benn made famous, a constant gardener has been at work. Every morning retired journalist Hugh Thompson goes out dressed as his hero and waters five plots of sunflowers.

“The flowers are now at their very best and they bring joy and a smile to every one who walks past -it’s the message of Mr Benn,” says Mr Thompson who has lived in the street for eight years.

It is exactly the kind of activity that socially minded Mr Benn would have done if he had picked up a watering can in his famous dressing up shop. It was at this shop at the end of Festive Road where all Mr Benn’s adventures started.

Mr Thompson got interested in sunflowers which his wife grew from seed when he read the classical story:
“In the classics the water nymph Clyte falls hopelessly in love in the sun god Apollo. She pines to the extent that she stands on a rock for nine days without eating or drinking in the hope of catching his eye. In the end the Gods feel sorry for her and turn her into a sunflower so she can forever follow her failed love through the sky.”

July 31, 2014