Barbeque Time in Wandsworth Park

Stations available for safe, legal cook outs

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As Putney basks in summer sunshine, residents are being reminded that a barbecue station has been set up in Wandsworth Park.

A byelaw remains in place prohibiting fires being lit or barbecues being used in the borough’s parks - with the exception of special areas in Wandsworth Park and Fred Wells Gardens.

Barbecue stations - large tree trunks with metal plates fixed to the top - have been installed enable members of the public to use disposable barbecues while outside enjoying the sunshine.

It is part of a summer-long initiative, which is running again this year following a pilot in 2012. Three barbecue stations have been installed in Wandsworth Park while Fred Wells Gardens has one.

The council say barbecues tend to leave behind a scorched area of grass, which spoils the area for other visitors and creates unnecessary work for the parks service - and there is a risk that some of the bigger 'cook outs' could get out of hand.

The barbecue stations, on which only disposable barbecues are permitted to be used, have been designed to prevent such problems.

Residents taking advantage of the stations are asked to take any barbecue litter home to dispose of it safely. In past incidents, park-goers have put their hot barbecues in the public litter bins when leaving and this has sparked fires. The result is a lot of flames a lot of smoke and a damaged litter bin that has to be replaced at taxpayers' expense.

To get in touch with Wandsworth Council’s parks service email or call 020 8871 7530.

July 9, 2013