Putney Love Nest "bought with BAE slush fund"

The Guardian newspaper has claimed that the Putney home of Sylvia St John a former make up artist was charged to a slush fund allegedly designed for bribing top Saudi officials involved in arms deals.

Ms St John was the mistress of Tony Winship, an executive of the arms firm BAE who was allegedly in charge of the slush fund. She has admitted that she personally acquired two houses worth more than £300,000, a house in Putney, and another a holiday home in Northern Ireland. Mr Winship is no longer resident in the house but was when they "were in love".

The payments for the property were put through BAE's books as "confidential payments" to Prince Turki bin Nasser, a member of the Saudi Royal family and the deputy head of the Saudi Air Force. The house in Putney is officially registered in the name of Prince Turki, Ms St. John told the Guardian that she had the title deeds.

However it appears that there is no evidence that Prince Turki was aware of the transactions, and it is alleged that his name was fraudulently used.

15th September 2003

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