Boat Drifts from Putney and Smashes into Chiswick Pier

PLA issues warning after incident involving unmanned pleasure cruiser

The Interceptor under Chiswick Pier - Picture: Chiswick Pier Trust


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In the early hours of 10th April 'The Interceptor', a boat belonging to Chas Newens of Putney slipped its moorings at Putney Bridge and due to the strength of flow of the incoming spring tide was swept all the way upstream past Hammersmith Bridge and the various moorings for several miles before smashing into Chiswick Pier.

The RNLI were able to free the boat, which had some damage to its superstructure, and a cable connecting the power supply to the RNLI boat station on the pier was severed.

According to a spokesperson for Chiswick Pier, had the boat been under power, the damage would have been a great deal worse. When the owners came to collect the boat the engines fired up easily and she was taken away.

The boat suffered some damage - Picture: Chiswick Pier Trust

The PLA’s Chief harbour master Bob Baker said, “We appreciate that commercial operators have limited numbers of employees or that their staff have been furloughed because of Covid-19, but it is vital that vessel moorings are attended to regularly to ensure accidents don’t happen.

“Equally, while recreational Clubs may have closed their clubhouse doors, it is again important that the moorings of vessels on Club moorings or in marinas, are regularly checked by a suitable representative from the Club during this current lockdown. Owners of vessels on private moorings should do the same, if essential and there is no viable alternative, whilst respecting Government guidelines.”

The cable to the RNLI station was severed -Picture: Chiswick Pier Trust

The PLA also recommend that all houseboat residents use this time to ensure that mooring lines and fenders are examined and meet best practice.

According to the Chas Newens Marine website 'The Interceptor', is the flagship of the company and is available for private and corporate hire with a passenger capacity of up to 28 people. We have asked Chas Newens for comment.

April 30, 2020

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