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William is a BOY – but he’s not just a boy - & one member will win a signed copy


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Q: Which country does Claire originate from?

ISBN: 9781780036137
RRP: £7.99

Available at Waterstones, Amazon & all good booksellers

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Putney author Claire Harrison has always loved to write – as an Arts student, as a Technical Author and now as an author for children. She lives with her children Joy, Honor, and of course, William and her biggest supporter, husband Carl.

Claire told PutneySW15 that she loves living in Putney:
"When someone asks me, ‘Why do you like living in Putney?’ my answer is always the same…
‘What not to like!’"

"I have lived elsewhere in London and elsewhere in the World, I have travelled far and wide but I have settled on Putney as my ‘happy place’. Crossing Putney Bridge I always feel as if I have arrived home already. The river runs through it all - the shops, the vibe, the glorious Wandsworth Park, the transport options, the variety of pubs, cafes and places to eat and meet friends, the memories.

Claire continued: "There is one little gem that offers something extra special to me – GRIND on thJune 21, 2013every sip of their characteristic lattes, every bite of their French toast, Anzac biscuits and Pineapple Lumps! It is an international transportation, right in the middle of Putney, and it’s not the only one!"

"It is true, especially when you have moved around the world like our family, that there is no Utopia. Yes, I do agree. But for me, I have to admit, SW15 pretty much has it all. We are Putney ‘lifers’ now for sure."

William is a quirky, vibrant and charming illustrated children’s book that celebrates the universal truth of boys being boys. This book promotes the unique qualities that boys share, but are so often underrated. William is the perfect way to inspire reading in boys from a young age, to capture their imagination and to boost their sense of self-esteem and belonging.

William is a BOY – but he’s not just a boy. He is a part of something bigger – a fJune 19, 2013of boys who are just like him! He is adventurous ALWAYS, mischievous SOMETIMES, and far from action NEVER!!! And yet he is loved all the more for his ‘boyishness’ – every tree he climbs, every stone he finds, every Superhero he becomes! In fact, OFTEN William is so busy, doing what boys do, he even forgets to eat! But whether he’s counting bugs or saving the world William knows that he is loved 100%, especially by his mum. He goes to sleep happy - looking forward to making his dreams a reality tomorrow…

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June 19, 2013