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Q: In which year was Richmond Park first enclosed?

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Alex Saberi is a photographer who lives in Putney and his forthcoming solo exhibition ‘Park life’ is an amazing array of image of our neighbours living in Richmond Park.

Sir David Attenborough once described Richmond Park as 'A very special place' - and with good reason. This vast oasis of green, just eight miles from the centre of London, is an ecological pearl in the midst of sprawling urbanisation.

The park, most famous for its herd of 630 Fallow and Red Deer, is not only Europe's largest park (approx 2500 acres), but is as big as the seven other royal parks combined. Since King Charles I first enclosed the park in 1637, it has provided a haven of tranquillity and diversion for all its visitors. Today, some 2.5 million people pass through its gates each year.

In this beautiful book, Alex Saberi captures Richmond Park's unique blend of rare and diverse wildlife, plant life and rolling landscapes. Alex rose every day before dawn for a year to unlock the secret world of London's majestic wildlife.

The stunning scenes, which occur right under the noses of the eight million people living in the capital, were captured on camera in a series of incredible pictures. From a crow perching on a bench in the morning haze to a foolhardy Labrador, breaking impatiently away from its owner, the photographs capture its inherent beauty as well as those rare moments of wildlife action and majesty that only yield themselves to the most patient and knowledgeable of observers.

Alex told "I remember Richmond Park from when I was a child. My mum and friends parents used to take us there to have picnics and play. I moved very close to the park in Roehampton and had just taken up photography as a hobby. The first autumn I was there early in the morning just blew me away. I loved the fact that I was one of the only people up to see nature at its best. With the mists and the amazing light over the lakes in in the forests, and added to that majestic stags and swans. It wasn't that hard getting up early when I knew I could look out of my window and see the conditions were right. I would just cycle in the park and never knew what I was going to get."

Alex Saberi started taking photos in 2005 after buying his first Canon camera. Most recently he has appeared much of the national press including Daily Mail, Metro, Evening Standard, The Times, The Sun, The Telegraph with his year in Richmond Park collection. His incredible photographs of urban wildlife have been published on book covers
, many digital camera magazines and publications.

Richmond Park (£25.00) is published by the Antique Collectors’ Club.
Readers will receive a 20% discount on the book - please visit Enter the code Richmond1 at the checkout for an additional 5% off.


May 1st 2012

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