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Q: Who wrote Antigone?

Members of can win a pair of tickets to see Antigone. The tickets will be valid 14th April - 2nd May.

ANTIGONE - A city devastated by war. A family, the House of Oedipus, doomed by incest, guilt, grief and greed. Two brothers slay each other: one loyal subject, the other enemy and traitor, one to be given a hero’s burial, the other to be left unburied and exposed to the vultures. Creon, the new king and his young niece, Antigone, both wilful and passionate, are determined to be faithful to their individual causes - duty to the State for one, duty to love and morality for the other. In this visual and physical performance of Sophocles’ Antigone an eternal conflict transcends all boundaries in a tragedy that still resonates in contemporary culture and politics.

March 10, 2010