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Win a signed copy of John Pahl's 'Martian Blood - Noctilucents Trilogy: Volume 1'


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A space enthusiast from an early age, John Pahl studied mathematics at Cambridge. When he is not putting pen to paper to complete the trilogy, Putney resident John is developing software to model communications between planets and the moon.

John Pahl

The Noctilucents trilogy is a series of young adult science fiction stories - get a taster below.

'When the Prometheus exploded, everything changed. The ship was meant to retrieve a team of colonists from Mars. Instead, it ushered in a decade of chaos and left the colonists stranded.

For all sixteen years of his life, Tom has known nothing but the red dirt of Mars and the cramped research base he calls home. That and stories of Earth, a silent blue dot in his sky. As the base's resources dwindle and tensions between the surviving colonists run high, Tom makes a promise to himself: he'll get to Earth or die trying.

Sophia Kasparov, daughter of the AI expert behind the Prometheus, triggers a global media frenzy when she accidentally reveals her father's plans to launch a rescue mission to Mars. Support for the controversial mission is hard to come by, especially when it's opposed by the ruthless anti-spaceflight eco-fundamentalist Cita Stone. As Sophia struggles to navigate the political chaos surrounding the mission, she uncovers a fifteen-year-old mystery that could change everything - the truth about the Prometheus disaster - and discovers that her father will risk everything for his plans, even her.'

John has lived in Putney for thirteen years and told PutneySW15 that he loves living here: "Living by the Thames brings such a good quality of life, from watching the river and its wildlife (I've seen a dolphin and a seal from my apartment!), to heading out onto it in kayaks, canoes, rowing boats or sailing dinghies, to walking, running and cycling along the Thames Path. It's also a very friendly area and I'm members of neighbourhood supper and book clubs. It's a good location, as from Putney you can easily head into town for all that London can offer or in the other direction cycle along the Thames Path (I once went all the way to Windsor) and then retreat to our green and quiet oasis."

We have two signed copies for two members of to win - the winners will be announced after the close of the competition on 21st May (publishing day).

To enter please send your answer to before noon on 21st May - to enter you must be a member of the site. Not a member? Register here before entering.

Q: In Greek mythology what did Prometheus steal from Zeus and give to mankind?




May 14, 2020

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