Putney residents will see "Orange" by April!


Get ready for the launch of the new 'orange sack' recycling scheme on March 31.

Supplies of the distinctive orange sacks will be delivered during March to every home which has a doorstep refuse collection. Further supplies will be issued regularly throughout the year without residents having to order them.

The scheme will mean the end of the old multi-coloured sacks which residents currently use to separate their glass, paper, card and tin.

Orange will now be the only colour of sack used for recycling. As well as glass, paper, card and tin residents will also be able to use it for plastic bottles and containers.

Environment and public services chairman Guy Senior said:

"Orange is the new colour for recycling in Wandsworth. Every batch of the new sacks will come with its own tear-off leaflet explaining how to use them. You won't have to order the sacks and you won't have to sign up for the scheme.

"We want all 80,000 households to play their part in this much simplified and extended recycling service. Our aim is to more than double the amount of domestic waste we recycle in the borough."

For more information on recycling in Wandsworth call 020 8871 8558.

25,000 Christmas trees recycled - More than 25,000 people recycled their Christmas trees this year according to estimates from the council's waste management team. The trees are shredded, composted and used as soil conditioner in parks and open spaces across the borough.

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