Records tumble in bumper month for recycling

November 2002 saw the highest ever levels of recycling in Wandsworth with more than 1,000 tonnes collected for the very first time in a single month.

November also saw three separate environmental records broken.

A total of 1,108 tonnes of glass, paper, cardboard, tins and garden waste was collected for recycling across the borough. The previous record was 904 tonnes from exactly 12 months earlier.

Over the four weeks, 615 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 191 tonnes of glass, 176 tonnes of garden waste, 19 tonnes of tin cans and 107 tonnes of mixed items from two pilot recycling schemes were collected.

In addition to this amount, 34 tonnes of unwanted fridges were also collected for recycling.

The lions share of the amount came from the council's Rainbow Sack scheme, which sees paper, cardboard, glass and tin collected free of charge every week from residents' doorsteps, as part of their normal refuse collection. In November the service picked up 719 tonnes of recyclable material, beating the previous record of 509 tonnes from November 2001.

November also saw 213 tonnes of goods deposited at the borough's extensive network of recycling banks. This beats the previous record, also dating back to November 2001, of 198 tonnes.

The combined total collected through the Rainbow sack service and deposited at recycling banks
of 932 tonnes beats the previous best of 707 tonnes, also from November 2001.


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