ISSUE: New planning row - close to Putney Garden Centre!

Councillors query plans for development in Putney conservation area

Councillors have called for further technical reports so they can fully consider the likely impact of plans for the construction of a new house on land behind properties in the Lower Common South and Dryburgh Road area of Putney.

Neighbours fear that the development in Egliston Lawns would be detrimental to the character and appearance of the conservation area and spoil the current open outlook from their houses.

The application was being considered at a recent planning committee (February 14).

Planning chairman Ravi Govindia said members recognised that any development in this part of the conservation area would raise many difficult questions. He said, "One of the issues which concerned councillors was that construction activity could cause serious damage to the roots of a superb protected Poplar tree on the site.

He said the committee was also concerned about access for the emergency services and would need to get answers before considering the application again.

"The committee will want to be sure it has answers to all these questions before it looks at the application again."

Members voted to defer consideration of the application while the reports were prepared.

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