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Lister backs Putney Bus Campaign but Signatures go missing

Find out if you need to sign again……

The petition to extend the route of the 22 Bus on from Putney Common to Hammersmith Bus Station via Barnes is enjoying steady growth and has over 1400 signatures at the last count.

It is enjoying the support of Tony Colman MP and Cllr Edward Lister leader of Wandsworth Council who has urged the Mayor and London Buses to work together and come up with plans for a new route linking Putney with Barnes and Hammersmith.

Cllr. Lister said:

"The demand is there for this service. The council has long argued that the 22 should run to Barnes. Now there is the opportunity to develop the service further so that people in the west of Putney have a more direct route to Hammersmith. "The Hammersmith link is just the sort of simple cost effective measure that should be given priority. If modest schemes like this cannot attract support people will inevitably grow sceptical about the Mayor's more ambitious claims for public transport in the capital."

However the campaign has had a set back and you may be able to help them. Over the Christmas period with all the rush the signatures from the week preceding Christmas taken at Barrys Newsagents and Simmonds Chemists - both on the Lower Richmond Road - were lost a total of four pages! If you signed during that period or know people who did, the organisers ask that you please go back and please sign again!

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