The way we perceive things can affect our daily lives. The media continually gives the impression that people of all ages are falling victim to violent or sexual attacks. It seems that nowhere is safe and it is only a matter of time before something happens to you.

What the media fails to mention, is that there are millions of people unaffected by crime and who enjoy fully active lives. However, this portrayal by the media has greatly increased people's fear of crime.

Commonsense should prevail. You should not become a prisoner in your own home, afraid to venture outside but nor should you be too complacent and put yourself at risk through careless behaviour.

By being aware of your surroundings and confident of how to handle situations, the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime will be kept to a minimum.

The Putney & Wandsworth Crime Prevention Panel have endeavoured to reduce the fear of crime for women by supporting the Awareness classes run by the Police and Panel members. They have provided equipment and funds to ensure these valuable classes, which started in 1992 can continue.

If you are interested in joining a course then contact: Putney Police Sector Office on 020 785 8874 or visit the Putney Crime Prevention Shop and collect a leaflet (opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm. The courses cost £13.00 each, which includes insurance and if you complete the course you will receive a certificate and a personal attack alarm.

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