All of these items are available from the Putney Crime Prevention Shop. It is located in Putney High Street, next to the Cinema. Opening times are Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm. The shop also has free booklets and leaflets on a variety of crime prevention subjects.

Personal attack alarms £5.00 each

These are a handy size for your coat/jacket pocket and have a pull out cord to set off the 120 decibel alarm. The alarm will continue until the cord is replaced or the batteries run out (this takes about 2 hours if the batteries are healthy). It is powered by 2 standard AA batteries, already fitted. The alarm has a test button on the side so that you can check that your batteries are working before you leave home. Full instructions are included.

We do not recommend the cylinder shaped gas filled style of alarms - as there is no way of knowing when the gas has run out. In addition if your attacker pulls the top off the alarm will cease to sound.

UV Marker Pens 50p

These are ideal for property marking your personal items such as your TV, stereo etc. These pens have been greatly improved and are now non-fading in sunlight.

Mobile phone and bike marking Kits £1.00

These contain a UV marker pen plus hologram labels that warn that your property has been property marked.

How do I property mark my items?

This is very easy. Simply write your postcode followed by your house/flat number e.g. "SW152XY17" using the UV marker pen. Should any of your property get stolen and is recovered by the police they will scan the item with a UV lamp. If it has been property marked with a UV pen this will assist in returning it to its rightful owner.

A Young Person's Guide to the Law Book £1.50

This is a very useful book for young people which gives advice on their rights and the law. It includes the Human Rights Act.

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