· The Putney & Wandsworth Crime Prevention Panel formed in February 1987 is a non-political organisation that exists to promote active crime prevention and community safety in the geographical community that it covers (Putney, Roehampton, Wandsworth and Southfields).
· To work very closely with the police and other interested agencies to prevent and reduce crime.
· To work on specific projects which enhance the Panel's objectives.
· The Panel is a registered charity.


· The members of the Panel are made up of active, participating people from the police, local businesses, local residents, Neighbourhood Watch plus the Crimewatch Unit and Youth Workers from the council.
· Attendance of meetings alone is not sufficient commitment for membership. Members are expected to actively assist at all Panel events and to sit on sub committees to work on specific projects when required.
· Lack of commitment by a member will result in their being required to resign from the Panel.

Members actively assist with the following:

· Promoting crime prevention and community safety
· Delivering crime prevention advice door to door under the guidance of the Police
· Supporting the Police and the Special Constabulary with specific crime prevention initiatives as requested by them
· The running of projects
· Manning the Panel's stand at events such as the Borough Show and in shopping centres and supermarkets
· Fund raising
· Selling of raffle tickets and sourcing prizes
· Selling of personal attack alarms, UV marker kits and pens


· Any application for membership must be in writing to the Chairperson, Sylvie Chrzanowska, stating what skills you have to offer the Panel and how much time you can give. The application will be discussed with the officers of the Panel and the police and you will then be contacted.

Applications can be sent to The Chairperson C/O Putney Police Sector Office, Jubilee House, 230 Putney Bridge Road, Putney SW15 2PD or by Email to: crimepreventionpanel@putneysw15.com

Or you would like to volunteer to assist the Panel from time to time at events and with fund raising we would be delighted to hear from you as well.

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