Plans by London Buses for a new route linking people in the Lower Richmond Road area of Putney to both Barnes and Wandsworth have been welcomed by the Leader of Wandsworth Council Edward Lister.

The new 485 service will start running in September between Wandsworth and Richmond.

At the same time a totally new service - the 493 - will take over the current section of the 485 between Barnes and Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton. The full route will run at fifteen-minute intervals from Richmond via Queen Mary's to Wimbledon and St George's Hospital, Tooting.

"The new 485 route will be a good link in either direction for people living close to the Lower Richmond Road," explained Councillor Lister.

"It will for the first time provide a direct bus service to both Barnes and Wandsworth.

"The Council will continue to press for the direct Putney-Hammersmith service that so many local residents have called for. At the moment it is still necessary to change buses on Rocks Lane.

"We are also disappointed that the new 485 could not have included a stop at Barnes Station.

"The new service to St George's Tooting from Roehampton is also good news for people who used to rely on the old Queen Mary's Hospital. However, this remains a long and difficult journey and only underlines just how much local people have been made to suffer by the withdrawal of services from Queen Mary's."