What happened in Putney during January 2005?

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* Police call for witnesses to New Year Shooting *
at Citizens Night Club in Wandsworth http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&spage=common/concrime111.htm

* Putney residents on New Years Honours List *

* 2nd post? What 2nd post?! *
As of this week it is a "thing of the past" in Putney http://www.putneysw15.com/info/post07.htm

* Health Secretary visited Queen Mary's Hospital *

to see the new building & Minor Injuries Treatment Centre http://www.putneysw15.com/info/contonycolman62.htm

* Roehampton nursery gets Parliamentary opening *
When Margaret Hodge cuts the ribbon!

* Ground breaking on line consultation *
MP urges Putney residents to participate in diabetes survey http://www.putneysw15.com/info/contonycolman61.htm

* Worried about increased numbers of Night Flights? *
Conservative candidate encourages you to complete the on line consultation http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&spage=common/issuenightflights10.htm

* 24 hour drinking & fly tipping *

Cllr Lister updates Putney

* Delays to Night Flight plans *
as publication set for January likely to be out in February http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&spage=common/issuenightflights11.htm

* Murdered bus driver last seen in Putney *
boarding the N85 on Friday 21st January

* Putney man in critical condition *
Police make arrest following incident on West Cromwell Road http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&spage=common/conaccident11.htm

* Child Trust Funds, Robin Hood Gate & Gift aid *
Tony Colman MP writes to Putney

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