What happened in Putney during December 2005

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* Local Primary School's Rise in English Results Best in London *
with five schools in the borough achieving 100% success ...

* Want to run the Flora London Marathon but did not get a place? *
run and raise money for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

* Cllr Lister writes to Putney *
The regular briefing on local matters from the leader of the Council

* Putney Crime Briefing *
Street crimes and burglaries reported this week

* Police warn the elderly to be vigilant *
do not accept lifts from strangers

* Three leading names in retail opening SOON *
great news for the area says Putney's Town Centre Manager

* Anti-aircraft campaigners look to the House of Lords *
hoping for a block to ministers plans for more night flights to Heathrow

* New towers for Point Pleasant *
plans for new 95m building on the skyline

* Local School Ranks Top in the Country *
Our Lady of Victories achieves a perfect score

* Arson victim died last week *
from her injuries from the fire in last month

* A fine mess with parking in the borough *
Hundreds of appeals against parking tickets can not be contested

* T Mobile application for masts gets the thumbs down *
Council rejects plans following 180 objections from residents http://www.putneysw15.com/info/conplanning05.htm

* Thousand extra flights as Government scraps limits * BAA set to renege on assurance of runway alternation http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&spage=common/conhrw27.htm

* Cllr King writes to Putney *
on Roehampton Lane, Putney Town Centre & Christmas Cheer in Roehampton http://www.putneysw15.com/info/conlabour04.htm

* 19 new affordable homes for Roehampton * as The Maltese Cat packs its bags...

* Wandsworth Council gets top award *
from the Audit Commission

* Body on Barnes Common - Two men up before magistrates today * http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&page=concommon04.htm

* Cllr Lister writes to Putney *
on new jobs in the High Street, planning applications and much more http://www.putneysw15.com/info/concllrlister63.htm

* MP opens Laura Ashley's first Home Only store in Putney *
in the up and coming Putney Bridge Wharf area http://www.putneysw15.com/info/congreening09.htm

* Wandsworth Council praised by neighbouring Councillor *
Cllr Botterill of Hammersmith says Conservatives " deliver better services AND lower taxes"

* Good news for Thames21 *
chosen as the official Boat Race charity for 2006

* Tube workers vote for New Year's Eve strike *
Walkout will cause transport chaos on busiest night of the year http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&spage=common/contube37.htm

* Win a signed copy of local author's newest cook book *
Diana Henry's Roasted Figs Sugar Snow

* Justine Greening MP writes to Putney *
Putney Station, 2012 Olympic Tax, charitys and the mail...

* Save our High Street
Adam Gray continues his campaign

* Aled Jones seeks your support *
for music therapy at local charity

* Ruthless distraction burglars jailed *
for crimes in Putney and around the UK

* Wandsworth Borough Council ranked in the top five Councils *
ranked by the Audit Commission

* High Tide warnings for January & February 2006 *

If you feel there is a aspect of local life that we haven't given sufficient coverage to, let us know. Most of the articles listed above were not written by us but contributed by local people.


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